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Work on Käringön

Now we want to work forward and upwards together with new stars!

The car-free island of Käringön is a genuine and beautiful place at the far end of the sea belt. Truly a unique place, regardless of the time of year. Hotel Käringön has one of the island's best locations, at the far end of Skeppersholme with a view of the harbor and the sea. With us, guests should be able to relax and take the day as it comes.

We who work on Käringön have primarily chosen to do so because we love the sea and like a different lifestyle. Out here there are opportunities for boating, hunting, fishing, diving and more activities all year round. Is it a lifestyle that attracts you too? Can you help us improve the service and everything else that contributes to memorable experiences on Käringön? In such cases, we think you should read more about the services below.

We offer great conditions and of course help with staff accommodation on the island. Below are the positions we are looking for with entry in spring 2023.

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