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When you get off the boat, there are a lot of impressions. The magnificent sea, the small harbor with fishing boats surrounded by picturesque houses. Soon a nice feeling settles in your body and you realize that a couple of days here will do you good. A warm welcome to the dramatic outer archipelago and the genuine fishing community Käringön. A varied range of activities is offered here. Everything from culture to adventure. Inside or outside. On land or out at sea.

Good to know about us...

Hotell Käringön, Västkusten, BohuslänSkeppersholme, Käringön, Bohuslän.

Located right by the sea

Our 22 rooms are furnished in Scandinavian style. The rooms are divided into two single rooms, four standard double rooms, seven double rooms with balcony, two deluxe double rooms with balcony, three 3-bed rooms, and four junior suites/family rooms with up to five beds. In addition, we have five hostel rooms in the warehouse building next to the hotel. In total, we have around 70 beds and thanks to cooperation with other accommodations on Käringön, we can offer another 50 or so beds.  

Matsal, Käringöns Brygga.

Käringön's Brygga

In the cold and salty North Sea off Käringön there are lobsters, shrimp, mussels and Swedish oysters. For those of you who love seafood, a truly wonderful culinary experience awaits. For groups we offer seasonal menues - read about our current menus here. There is room for 80 diners in the restaurant's various departments. The outdoor terrace with its fantastic location has room for 70 guests.

Petersons Krog, Käringön, Västkusten, Bohuslän.

Peterson's Krog

Spice up your conference with a dinner at our neighbors' and experience genuine archipelago atmosphere at one of the west coast's absolute best fishing restaurants. Ask us about current menus and table reservations.

Konferens på Käringön. Bohuslän. Västkusten.

Conference rooms on Käringön

The hotel has our own conference room, Måseskär, which has room for 24 participants (cinema seating). The island's largest venue, Havsbaden, is located in Öviken and has room for up to 60 conference participants (cinema seating). The bath house, which is located on the south side of the island, is a very charming venue - here you can hold a conference with up to twelve participantsare.

Båten Knape, Käringön.

Getting to Käringön

Västtrafik's ferries depart from Tuvesvik in Orust. The boat trip takes about 35 minutes and offers beautiful views of the archipelago islands. If you are a larger group, the ferry is the best option. If you are looking for a more efficient means of transport, a boat taxi from Hälleviksstrand is recommended. The trip by boat taxi takes about ten minutes. We will be happy to help you with the planning.

Konferens på Västkusten. Käringön.

Activities for groups

Alongside the main program with various lectures, presentations, group work and so on, time is needed to socialise. For the conference to be a success, it is important that the activities are also planned and carried out with care. Below we have collected some of the activities that are usually appreciated by our conference guests. We collaborate with many organizers and are happy to help you put together a whole.

Bröllop på Käringön, Bohuslän.

Wedding on Käringön

Käringön's white 18th-century church is located in the middle of the island and is very beautiful. Wedding dinner and party usually take place at Samson's Rectory opposite the church, read more here. We at Hotell Käringön offer newlyweds access to their own booking page where guests can book their accommodation. Get in touch and we will tell you more about our offer and approach.

How can we help?

We help you plan your next event with care. A good start is to fill out and submit the form below. We often have time to get back with an answer within one working day.

It is also possible to contact us at or call 0304 - 563 30.
What is the main reason for the trip?
How many nights are you planning with us?
How do you want to distribute yourself in the rooms?
What do your needs look like?
How do you want to get out to Käringön?
We can of course help with planning activities. Further down there is a more detailed presentation of the various activities that we organize regularly. Which activities are you interested in?

Thank you for your message!

Conference activities

In addition to the main program with various lectures, presentations, group work, etc., time is needed to get to know each other and socialize. For the conference to be a success, it is important that the activities are also planned and carried out with care. Below we have collected some of the activities that are usually appreciated by our conference guests. We cooperate with many organizers and are happy to help you with both transport and other activities. Scroll with the arrows to pan among the activities. Click for a more detailed description.


After only a few hours on the island, I understood what my colleagues had been waxing lyrical about. That this was not just another course or spa facility but a genuine place with experiences for all the senses.

The fact that it had rained and stormed when we went out with the boat no longer felt like a problem, it was actually part of the charm. In addition, the forecast promised a change of weather towards the evening. The rapidly changing weather takes getting used to out here, as we were told by one of the islanders we met on the pier.


The pace before the height of summer is calm, and allows you to feel at ease. Time for both reflection and enjoyment, just what our management team needs. Finally, even my own stressed out body understands that we have actually left the office and are on the outer rim of the archipelago.

The buildings that we walk around are picturesque and time seems to have almost stood still here. Meeting some of the permanent residents of the island who guide us around, strangely reinforces the feeling of being in another, bygone era. Many of the stories we hear are about the sea and fishing. Fortunately, some families still engage in small-scale fishing. The seafood must be among the best available. Dinner will certainly be something to look forward to.

On the way back to the hotel we stop at the port, where a school class from Orust is fishing for crabs. Is there anything more fun than that? Käringön would really be a nice destination for my sister and her family.

I certainly do not regret that my colleagues succeeded in convincing me to spend a couple of days out here. The journey back to the office still feels wonderfully distant.

Reseberättelse. Konferens på Käringön.

Eric Bräck, Mackmyra

Vandra på Käringön och Härmanö.

Conference in West Sweden

Couldn't find a suitable date this time? We have some of our own favorite colleagues that we are happy to recommend. There are independent facilities nearby and we will be happy to help you establish a first contact.

At you will also find good information and inspiration. How about holding a conference on your own island in Bohuslän, Walk & Talk meeting in the magical forests of Dalsland or why not the next conference at a castle in Västergötland? Find inspiration for your next meeting or conference using the thematic divisions on Västsverige's website. Read here!

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