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Tofeasibility report,2023-02-26, version: 1.0

Hotell Käringön (Skeppersholme Hotell & Restaurang AB) wants as many people as possible to be able to use the website. Here we describe any known accessibility problems and how you can solve themreport flaws to us so we can fix them.

Deficiencies in digital accessibility

We have known accessibility deficiencies at Listed below are these:

No options for video content

All digital video should be usable by everyone. They must work for those who cannot see, cannot hear, have limited manual dexterity or are not computer-savvy. Our film productions are not always translatedtranslate into Swedish or subtitled, visually interpreted or sign language interpreted. In the long term, we aim to subtitle all our films.

Lack of contrast

There are items on the website where the contrast between text and background is not high enough. When we make future changes to the website, the contrast should be improved.

Other flaws
  • A few image objects lack alternative texts.

  • Incorrect heading levels that do not follow the hierarchy.

  • On some web pages, departures are made from a predictable and conventional menu that can make navigation difficult.

  • Insufficient link texts and link descriptions.


We are continuously working to remedy these shortcomings.


So we have tested the website

We have used the WIX guide for accessibility adaptation, i.e. both manual and automatic testing. The last assessment was made on February 26, 2023.

Report deficiencies in website accessibility

We are constantly striving to improve the website's accessibility. If you discover problems that are not described on this page, you can report this to us.


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